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About Korean Air

Korean Air, with a fleet of 157 aircraft, is one of the world's top 20 airlines, and operates more than 400 flights per day to 125 cities in 45 countries. It is a founding member of the SkyTeam alliance, which together with its 19 members, offers its 552 million annual passengers a worldwide system of more than 15,000 daily flights covering 993 destinations in 187 countries.

In 2012, Business Traveller named Korean Air the best Asian airline for the sixth consecutive year while the China Travel Media Alliance named Korean Air "the Best Airline of the Year." Korean Air became the first airline to receive the Excellence in Service award at the World Travel Awards.


Classes of travel

First Class

The First Class “Kosmo Sleeper Seat” is Korean Air’s unique seat ergonomically designed to accommodate passengers’ individual needs and comfort. Its shell-type design provides you with independent space and ensures complete privacy at the level of comfort and grace of a premium hotel.

Bed-type seat promising independent space. The 78-inch long (Bed length) 21.1-inch wide seat, with 83-inch space between seats, guarantees maximum comfort and freedom during the flight. Enjoy complete privacy without being disturbed by others.

Individual Movie Theater with a wide screen. 17-inch LCD monitor and more convenient AVOD (Audio & Video on Demand) give a better viewing experience while sitting comfortably.. Passengers are constantly entertained with a wide screen and varied in-flight entertainment programs.

Individual reading lamp that is fully adjustable to provide light where it is needed. It is designed to light only the selected area in order to reduce eye fatigue.

Vivid sound via the premium headset made by SENNHEISER, the world-renowned sound system maker in Germany, promises pristine quality audio experience with ear-friendly design and noise isolation.


Business Class

Prestige class passengers can enjoy 180-degree full flat seats which previously were only available for first-class passenger. The 21.6-inch wide seat, with 74-inch space between seats, guarantees maximum comfort and freedom during the flight.  Passengers are just one touch away from the best seat position and angle. The back support and foot rest are fully adjustable to all angles while the one touch button provides the freedom to change the seat position for sleeping or enjoying a meal.


Economy Class

The ergonomically designed slim seat with a sliding seat cushion offers more room for a comfortable flight. The 18-inch wide seat and 34-inch space between seats, in addition to 121-degree reclining back support, offers exceptional comfort and experience unlike any other economy-class seats.

A 10.6-inch high resolution LCD wide screen and state-of-the-art AVOD (Audio & Video on Demand) system are available for all seats allowing passengers to select any channel at any time. Various menus and carefully selected programs ensure an enjoyable flight. The AVOD remote controller is located in the front for your convenience and each seat has a USB port to recharge electronic devices such as a camera or PDA.

Please note that the type and size of a seat and its available features and services may vary according to flight route, time and aircraft type.


In-flight Entertainment

A wide range of newspapers and magazines from all over the world in addition to Korean Air’s in-flight magazine such as Morning Calm, Beyond and SkyShop are available.

Passengers can enjoy more than 60 movies, 70 short features and 500 music CDs in addition to a wide range of video games and news programs using a personal monitor and AVOD (Audio & Video on Demand) system.

A wide range of information including world travel, Korean Air photo exhibitions and connecting flights for the transit passengers is available in the Personal AVOD System. Passengers onboard B777-300ER and A380 can enjoy the exceptional views in the air through special cameras installed on the aircraft.


In-flight Meals and Wine

Korean Air offers a premium restaurant in the sky. In-flight meals are prepared by the first-class chef using high-quality ingredients and served with the premium service of a high-class hotel.

Two-time winner of the prestigious Mercury Award, Korean Air offers carefully selected western, Chinese and Japanese course menus in addition to a traditional Korean menu together with top-quality wines recognized as the Cellars in the Sky and luxurious tableware made by the world's most distinguished maker.

* Flight Processing Fee: Domestic $20.00, NZ/Pacific $40.00, International $0.00. All airlines charge varying payment and service fees which are displayed in the booking process.

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