How to Book flights with ZUJI


Select your trip type (eg: return, one way), type your departure and arrival cities, enter your travel dates and number of passengers. Click ‘Search Flights’


Compare available airfares, sorted by cheapest price and departure time. Click 'Select" to continue
Optional features include:

  1. Search different days by using arrow tabs
  2. Use filters on the left
  3. Click on flight price for more flight information


Check and confirm your flight details, scroll down and select optional extras if required. Enter your email address and click 'Book Now' at the bottom of the page to continue
Optional extras include:

  1. Hotels
  2. Cars
  3. Travel Insurance


Add passenger information for all travellers in the space provided directly under your flight summary


Complete payment with your preferred method, accept terms and conditions, and click ‘Pay Now’ to finalise your booking


A confirmation page will appear to confirm your booking was successful. You will also be sent a confirmation email within 24 hours which contains all your flight details and important travel information

Visit the ZUJI homepage to start your search at any time. Feel free to leave feedback.

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