Best Masks for Storing In Your Backpack

Wearing a facemask in public has become a requirement due to the dangers of Covid-19. When traveling, it is crucial to have a mask on you at all times. Traveling with a mask is hard enough, but many people do not know the best way to store their mask when it is packed away in their backpack.

Danielle who is a spokesperson for Paragon – a leading face mask retailer in Australia, says that there are several different masks perfect for storage in your backpack. “The best masks to store in your backpack when traveling are disposable cloth, flat fold P2 masks or surgical masks. Covid-19 has spread throughout the world and is no longer an issue that can be ignored. Traveling with a mask is not only mandatory but also crucial for your own safety and that of those around you.”

Having a facemask that is easily stored in your backpack is convenient for storage and to put on in a hurry. Disposable cloth masks are the best options because they are easy to store in your backpack and take out. 

What Makes A Good Facemask When Traveling?

First and foremost, the facemask has to be lightweight enough that it feels like you aren’t wearing anything on your face at all. This will allow you to breathe freely and won’t cause any discomfort when being worn for hours at a time.  

When traveling, it is essential to not only look for masks that are lightweight enough but also ones that come with an adjustable strap so that one size fits all.  Not everyone has faces that are exactly alike or symmetrical; therefore, it is important to find a design that offers the most comfort and optimal performance.

A good idea is to choose a mask that is brightly colored if you think it will be challenging to locate when in your backpack. This will allow you in the case that the mask becomes misplaced in your bag and allows for quick retrieval.

How To Carry A Facemask In Your Backpack

When choosing what type of mask you would like to store in your backpack, one should consider the material as well as how easy it will be to take out and put on when needed.  Once you have chosen the perfect facemask for storage, now comes the challenge of putting it away in your bag or keeping track of it in case it gets misplaced. 

A good idea is to place it in a designated pocket of the bag that you know you will use; this way, it is always within reach. If you are traveling light, then forgo placing your mask into your backpack at all and simply carry it around with you. Placing it somewhere on your body will ensure that your mask won’t be misplaced or left behind when needed most.  

You can even attach the facemask to the exterior of your bag with a carabiner or similar clip so that it is easily accessible even if inside another compartment of the bag.  


It is important to have a face mask with you when traveling. When packing your backpack, make sure that you are carrying a disposable cloth or surgical mask in case of an emergency. It is also important that you make sure you have a number of masks so you can ensure that you can always be wearing a clean mask.

Covid-19 is no longer a problem that can be ignored. It has spread throughout the world, and it’s time to protect yourself by wearing a mask in public or when traveling abroad. 

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