Essentials to know when travelling with supplements

Essentials to know when travelling with supplements

It’s hard to keep the motivation for proper nutrition during a holiday. With temptations to eat unhealthy food and lounge around, having to keep your goals may seem a bit daunting. On the other hand, you could potentially run into issues with your supplements if they are not stored properly when travelling. This guide will help inform you on the proper procedures to follow to ensure you can travel hassle-free and stick to your health commitments.

What has changed

In 2017, there was a failed terrorist attack attempt on a flight leaving Sydney leading the government to change many laws impacting what can be brought on flights. This impacted supplements and powders leaving and entering the country. As of June 30, 2018, travellers are now required to declare and present all powders, gels and aerosols to security before boarding with some being restricted from flying. According to home affairs, protein powder is considered organic and is not restricted.

How to travel properly with your supplements

One of the best ways to avoid confusion at the airport is to get specialised travel pack supplements or ones that are in capsule form. Capsules are easy in that they take up less space in your luggage and involve no mess whereas powder may run the risk of spreading if the container gets ruptured during travel.

To help aid an easier experience going through security, make sure to individually bag and label any powders you plan on taking. You may choose to cut the product label or simply just write the details on the bag. The easiest option is to look for providers of supplements online that offer travel packs with the full contents list and are organised for easy inspection during customs.

If you plan on taking a longer trip and need to bring larger containers, your best option is to store them in your checked luggage. This will not only allow more room in your carry-on but also save you time going through security.

Always double-check requirements

While many countries do not have supplements listed as a restricted country, most will require an inspection (possibly including swab tests) to take place to ensure you’re not moving illicit substances. Some countries also list supplements as food which tends to require additional checks. One way to avoid this would be to bring unopened and untampered containers and having easy access to your luggage. Before travelling to any foreign countries, make sure you research proper customs requirements to ensure you’re aware of the requirements and avoid any misunderstandings or long times spent in security.

Keeping your nutrition regiment on track during travels can be seamless as long as you do proper research and take all the proper precautions when preparing your essentials. Spending the extra time to ensure compliance can help save you time and potentially the risk of losing expensive nutrients to the security bin. If you have any questions regarding if your specific products are restricted or the proper requirements for supplement storage, there are multiple resources available online from federal government websites.

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