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A successful Tour Operations and Activity Reservations solution must go beyond the hardware and software and include reliable & effective customer service.

With the OpCentral team you are guaranteed the ‘hands-on’ support and services necessary for a quick and efficient implimentation and throughout the operations life-cycle.

  • Looking to implement your solution?
  • Need a Suite babysitter?
  • Unsure how to migrate your legacy data into Op?
  • Expanding your implementation and want developers support?

Op  Cemgral Network can provide all of this and more for your solution implementation. We offer:

  • Support Services – Get assistance from the experts to resolve your technical issues.
  • Implementation Services – Attain a variety of customisable  implementation options from the team at any point of your installation life-cycle.
  • Professional Services – Get technology and consulting expertise from the team for specialised, strategic solutions.

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Activity Vendors gives you back control of how your activities are presented and managed throughout the sales process. From complete agency management features that allow for flexible pricing structures making is easy to customize pricing for each agency to giving you complete control over your inventory allowing you to get real-time counts and make up to the minute adjustments at any time. The system will also greatly reduce phone calls from agencies freeing up the lines for your sales agents to handle direct sales. All this and more built on one of the best reservation engines on the market today.

Why op Central

  1. The Technology

    Opcentral was built with one of today’s most powerful sofware platform using Microsoft’s .NET technology at it’s core. What this means to you is that with it’s superior architecture than our competitors, you can take full advantage of speed as a desktop application while also maintianing native support for website operations. It’s the best of both worlds, a truely integrated system with no compromises.

  2. The Solution

    Our  products and system resulting from listening and learning from our clients in the optional tour activity business. From the beginning it was designed to fit the different needs of both activity agencies and activity vendors. Simply put, it’s not just another reservation or ticketing system, it’s a complete integrated solution that incorporates the things our clients have been asking for.

  3. The Culture

    Opcentral is a leading software development and integration company. Opcentral understands that each company has its own unique business operational needs. This is why Opcentral is an integrated solution, and not simply an off the shelf software package. Opcentral s ability to customize the application locally gives you greater flexibily when choosing a solution.

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