Be Smart When Seeking Holiday Accommodation

Can you believe it? Some people earn a living by doing enviable things! They thrive in the sunshine visiting accommodation properties in such locations as the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Tropical North Queensland! What a lifestyle some people enjoy!

Just think about what adventures one could have, trolling, seeing what is on offer and trying some of them out. What these reps do is to seek out the special features of a particular property like its range of spa suites, park-like ambience, closeness to the beach or ease of access to the local highway. Then, they can speak with real confidence when telling others about it.

Perhaps they may unearth something about the managers of the property. Ah, that reminds me of the manager of a certain Caloundra accommodation who had been a manager of an international rugby team. Now when the time for a State of Origin game or the Bledisloe Cup comes around, that may be just the place to stay in order to get an experienced insider’s view of the game.

What do we really want when we take a break from routine and spend some time and money unwinding from the stress of our everyday living? Not everyone wants the same thing while on holidays but at the same time everyone wants something!

Therefore establish what you are really looking for in accommodation away from home. Seek out the advice and experience of those who have been where you may like to go. Also if you are using a Airbnb for Accomodation be sure to look up the guest history and check whether the Bnb is managed by a airbnb management company.

As I wrote before some people earn a living by checking out just the sort of things you may be loooking for, in part so that you don’t have to, as they say, reinvent the wheel. Use what has already been invented, or more specifically, define what you want to do, what you want to see and what you want to experience. Then you can ask more specific questions of those in the travel and accommodation industry and you’ll get more specific answers.

Ask a better question and you are likely to get a better answer.
Now, do you have a question?

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