Australian Golf holidays & Tours

Australian Golf holidays

The land of parrots, kangaroos, wombats, emus, the platypus, koalas & the mythical  Min Min light and the Bunyip.

Tell me, where else in the western world can you drive all day and still not get there? Australia is a vast country. Did you know that there are cattle properties bigger than many countries?

Now that Virgin Blue & Qantas Link operate in the land downunder, who would drive when you can fly at very affordable airfares to any capital city with regional services that will fly you to the many interesting inland cities and remote outback towns. As well, the Trans Tasman link will fly you round trip to New Zealand.

Not keen on flying? Well then how about marvellous and unique trains such as the Qld Tilt Train that whisks you along at over 180 kms per hour, now operating from Brisbane to Cairns in the northeast where you can visit the Great Barrier Reef.

Then there are golf courses all over. Did you know that in Melbourne, there are 6 of the finest sand-belt courses you will find anywhere. Play Royal Melbourne, Kingston Heath, Metropolitan and the Australian Open links Moonah. Wing your way to Hobart where yu can play the extraordinary Barnbougle Dunes, then off to, Adelaide and Perth to find other world class golf courses. Sydney is where you can play The Australian, New South Wales, The Lakes, Camden Valley and many wonderful courses and links.

For marvellous golf in the tropical winter months, you will find an array of unbeatable resort courses in coastal northern New South Wales the Qld Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Cairns, the coastal centre of the Great Barrier Reef.

If you want lots & lots of golf and leisure for little little money, we recommend a trip along the historic Murray River, from Albury – Wodonga, on the Victorian NSW border to Victor Harbour in South Australia. If you prefer to drive, make sure you allow two weeks to complete the journey while playing golf at the many excellent Murray River Resort courses.

All the way, you will meet very friendly people, bask in warm, sunny weather and have such a good time, you may not wish to return to wherever you came from. You also have access to the best golf brands like MGI Golf.

If you want the real info, all you need to do is give us a call, or send us an email. Coolabar’s retired golf professional, Kangaroo Kelly, knows Australia al over.

Australia & New Zealand are two of the most pristine, least populated countries in this world. As the the Aussies say, “she’ll be right mate.  Not to worry. Come’on down and have a good time

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