The Top 5 Family Travel Insurance Deals In Australia

Family Travel Insurance Deals

Whenever you and your family are traveling, you want everything to go as perfectly as possible. You want it to be a relaxing and fun experience. This is why you plan your trip thoroughly, making sure that you cover all areas to avoid major glitches. However, no matter how hard you have plan a trip, unfortunate events are still bound to happen. You might lose your luggage or be involved in an accident.

Family travel insurance can be the perfect solution in times like this. It serves as a safety net of protection to individuals while they are away for a vacation or on a business trip. It is a vital part of every booking too, which is why you should not get overwhelmed with excitement and forget to get yourself covered.

For instance, when your flight gets canceled, some insurance providers give reimbursement of your fees. When you get sick, they cover medical assistance or even medical evacuation if needed. This is very convenient since when you are a sick tourist in a foreign country, it is not easy to even think about these things especially when you are already in a distraught stage. Your luggage and important belongings can also be insured. It will make you feel at ease when traveling.

Here are our top 5 recommendations for Family Travel insurance:


Travelling with children in tow is an adventure full of priceless family bonding and memory making. When considering children’s welfare on holidays, travel insurance can take on a completely new level of importance. We also understand that travelling with children is expensive enough, so if you’re planning to holiday with your children or grandchildren (who are under 18), we cover them at the same level of cover as you (except a lower compensation limit in the event of death) at no extra charge.

If you travel as a couple, then you are entitled to a travel insurance discount of 10% (automatically calculated during the purchase process). Make sure you select ‘couple or family’ to take advantage of your discount. We define a ‘couple’ as two people over the age of 18 who live together at the time of purchasing the insurance who are either: husband and wife or fiancé and fiancee or de-facto partners of either sex.

When selecting travelling as a family, please keep in mind that all family members must leave and return to Australia together.

1 cover family holiday travel insurance

With 1Cover, you can travel with your whole family on one convenient policy. And, whether you’re going overseas, or road tripping around Australia, your kids and grandkids (otherwise called ‘dependants’) are covered at no extra cost* on your policy.

Dependant children are classed as under 19 and travelling with their parents or grandparents for their whole trip. Please see the PDS for limits and exclusions, as well as all terms and conditions.

Aus Post

Plan your family adventure

Make sure your destination is easy to get to. Booking direct flights can help reduce travel time and avoid overtired, grumpy kids. If you’re embarking on a long-haul flight with your family, planning your destination, sleep times and meal breaks are a must.

Try to choose a holiday that’s affordable and age appropriate, with something for everyone to enjoy. Every family is different and your holiday hot spots and activities will depend on the ages of your children.

Cover for the entire family

When travelling with kids, choose a travel insurance policy that gives you the right level of cover for the entire family. The good news is that kids are covered for free1 with all Australia Post Travel Insurance plans. As long as your children or grandchildren are travelling with you, are under 21 years of age and are not working full time, they’re covered. That means more cash to splash out on family fun, without all the extra fuss.


 family travel insurance policy protects you, your partner or spouse and up to six dependents under one policy and traveling with you on the majority of the trip. On our policy, a ‘dependent’ is used to mean your kids and grandkids.

Having everyone under a family policy means only needing to submit a single claim if your entire family is affected by an event.

The best part is, kids go free! Dependents can go on a one or two-adult policy at no extra cost so you may find value in purchasing a family policy for your trip. All you have to do is add yours and your partner’s or spouse’s details to begin.

What’s covered with family travel cover?

Across all of our plans, the limit for benefits such as cancellation costs, out of pocket expenses, travel delay and many more is double the amount of a single policy. Have a look at our full policy wording to see the difference between single and family policies in terms of cover and the level of limits.

family travel insurance

 Travelling with your family is a whole different ball game. While you might have pushed some boundaries when traveling by yourself or backpacking when you were young, you’d never do that with your family in tow… or would you? That’s where World Nomads Family Travel Insurance comes in, supporting you when things go wrong. How does World Nomads Family Travel Insurance help me and my family? World Nomads team is always there to help you navigate and locate local medical assistance, provide information and advice and assist in keeping your dream holiday on track. We cover more than 150 activities and all our policies include those events our travelers most often encounter including: Medical including assistance locating local medical advice and clinics Cancellation Luggage 24/7 Worldwide assist. You can also access our community of like minded travellers to give you their insights from their travels as well as language guides, safety information, travel guides and videos to plan your trip. What’s not covered Read your policy carefully as there are some exclusions including: If you change your mind you are not covered for cancelation or other expenses incurred as a result. You do anything illegal (You didn’t really think we’d cover that did you?) If you’ve taken drugs or alcohol Non-emergency treatment that can wait until you return home (it’s not health insurance, it’s for travel emergencies) Certain pre-existing medical conditions

To Summerise

In Australia, there are many travel insurance providers that offer various policies and covers for travellers. One other good mention is NIB Travel Insurance, a company that has been providing health insurance to Australians for over 50 years. With over 800,000 customers around the country, they have a wide range of health insurance plans for everyone.

Depending on the plan you get, nib offers comprehensive travel insurance for single, duo or family. It covers cancellation fees, overseas medical emergencies, hospital assistance, lost of luggage and travel documents. You can definitely find a plan at affordable rate that will be suitable for you and your family.

So before you finalize your travel plans, make sure that you get yourself covered with travel insurance. It will certainly safeguard you on your journey.

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