What is the difference between a motel and a hotel.

Ever wondered What is the difference between a motel and a hotel?

To answer this questions in short: There is not really any difference in modern times, most hotels and motels offer the same services. Traditionally ‘motel’ actually originated from the phrase ‘motorist’s and therefor came the term Motel. This is not to confused with Hostel which is back packer accodation.

Will this effect your holiday if you hired a Motel instead of Hotel or vica versa?

The short answer is no.

Deciding to take a family holiday with elderly parents or grandparents can be a wonderful idea. But with a mixture of young children and seniors; what sort of holiday is the best to cater to all ages? How do you make your holiday suitable for elderly relatives as well as being entertaining and stimulating enough for children?

The key to choosing the right holiday is to listen to the needs of the elderly party members in your group but also to be sensitive to their limitations. Many seniors are fully active and have no problems getting out and about in day to day life other than perhaps getting tired now and again and so for mobile seniors, there are fewer restrictions on activities.

However, if the elderly relatives you are going on holiday with have mobility issues and need a lift at home or they struggle to move around then some thought needs to go into your holiday choices to ensure that you all enjoy the trip. For example, for those with limited mobility, a holiday with lots of walking is probably best avoided.

There are many options for family holidays that allow all ages to enjoy their break and with a little careful thought; all of the family’s wants and needs can be satisfied.

When it comes to choosing a location, make sure that there are plenty of fun activities for everyone; if an elderly relative in the party has limited mobility it may be a good idea to hire a wheelchair or some sort of mobility aid to help them get around more easily. Many hotels can provide facilities to accommodate the hiring of wheelchairs and there are also many locations with disabled facilities to ensure that your relatives will be able to get around and bathe safely during their stay. Ensure that the local area is easily accessible before you travel; there is lots of information online for various locations.

As people get older, the chances that they may need to take regular medication rises so before taking a trip, ensure that your relatives have enough medication for the trip and to cover any extra days if there are delays in flights etc. If travelling over different time zones, ensure that your relatives are taking their medication at the right times and seek advice from a doctor before leaving to ensure that your relatives have a letter to permit them to receive treatment abroad should it be necessary on the trip.

A cruise can be a great option for a holiday as all amenities are within easy reach and little walking needs to be done unless you want to go on daytrips on the land during the trip. There are many activities that can be enjoyed on a cruise for young and old alike.

The key is to ensure that the location you are travelling to can easily accommodate the needs of you and your family so ensure that you check the facilities at your holiday location before you travel and essentially, make sure that you all enjoy the trip. We wrote a guide on Gold coast family resorts that we think you will enjoy.

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