What is the best place to take the family on Holiday?

Going on a family holiday can be a fun and enjoyable experience, however forward planning is the key. Travelling with children can be difficult, even when they are well into their teens so if you are hoping to take a trip with your family this summer, there will be a number of things you will need to consider.

Choosing your destination

Whether you want to take your children on an eye-opening adventure trip to Singapore, skiing up a Swiss mountain or just camping at Southend-On-Sea, there will be a certain tick list of requirements that will make it a family friendly destination.

When choosing a destination for your family holiday, the first and most important thing you may wish to consider is that the location is child friendly. Whilst you might love scorching heat and tropical settings, it would be worth noting that children tend to burn and dehydrate more quickly than adults.

It might also be worth investigating how long the flight will be. Consider if your youngsters can reasonably withstand a fourteen hour long flight and what you might need to pack to keep them entertained.

When booking flights to far away exotic locations you should always shop around for cheap deals. Tour operators, such as dial a flight, have a number of flight deals and are a great place to begin your search.

Airport survival

Travelling with small children on planes is every parent’s nightmare; however, anyone who has been on a plane over the summer period will know that it can be done.

The trick to surviving long flights with small children is preparation. Take looks of things to keep them entertained as well as blankets for extra comfort and comfortable clothes. Always take more nappies than you think you will need as your facilities are limited once onboard.

Holiday activities

Another prime consideration would be the activities available for children to participate in and enjoy. Beaches are a great way for children to run around and have fun whilst you can relax a little.

Choose a hotel or campsite with a child friendly swimming pool and research the local area to see what family activities you could do.

Before going, why not sit down with the children and let them help plan the holiday? That way they can look forward to visiting the places they have chosen and the activities they will participate in. Try to find activities that everyone will enjoy such as theme parks and mini golf courses. These cater to all ages and means you can enjoy a nice day out as a family untit.

If you cannot find something for everyone, then consider slitting your group up into parties. There is no rule that the entire family has to stay together for the entire duration of the trip and sending the older kids off with dad whilst you look after the younger ones could a good chance for you to unwind and bond one-on-one with your children. Oh and one last thing don’t forget you family travel insurance.

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