Money saving Holiday Tips

Times maybe hard these days and money tight but that’s no reason to miss out on some holiday fun, either at home or abroad. So why not plan the trip yourself? There are lots of ways you can cut costs. All it takes is a little imagination and a bit of forward planning.

Two of the best ways to save a pot of cash is to book well in advance or wait until prices take a tumble towards the end of the season. It’ll also help if you are a bit flexible when it comes to where you want to go. If you just want some sun, and you’re not too fussy where you get it, you’ll certainly be able to pick up a bargain holiday or two!

Fine, pop into your local high street travel agent and see what they have to offer and at what price. Grab a fistful of brochures while you’re in there, too. Great for family holiday deals in the future. Then fire up your computer, get yourself online and contrast and compare similar holiday offers. Notice anything? Most are cheaper. You’ve just saved yourself a ton of money. Congratulations!

Baggage. You and the rest of the family and three or four suitcases and… No need to paint a picture. Getting to the airport can be a real pain, especially when humping heavy suitcases in and out of bus, taxi or train. If the suitcases are that much of a problem, perhaps you’ve packed just a little bit too much? No way. Are you sure? Yes, you may have saved yourself some dosh picking up suntan lotion and the like last December – and, by the way, that’s a great money-saving idea – but half-a-suitcase full?

Seriously, we’re talking excess baggage here for which the airline you’re flying with is likely to charge you an arm and a leg. Bang goes all of those supermarket savings you may have made buying ahead of your departure date. Just in passing, how much of the humping is down to the actual suitcases themselves and not the contents? Then ditch them. Buy lightweight cases. A point or two worth taking on board?

The plane has touched down and your on your way to the hotel – hold it just a moment! Two words, ‘plane’ and ‘hotel’. Big assumptions here. Depending on your destination of choice, you don’t actually have to fly. You can take trains right across Europe these days. So it’s really worth checking whether taking the train might be way cheaper.

Hotels are expensive no matter where you go. And when you’ve a family in tow, prices can rocket through the roof. Ever thought about a holiday cottage or villa? You can rent them for a week or two in just about any part of the world. Yes, you’ll have to factor in the cost of buying in your own food. And they can be expensive at the height of the season. But it’s an area where real savings can be made.

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